My project is sensitive. Can you keep it hush-hush?

At Stonehaven Studios, your privacy is our privacy. In our 14 years in the industry, we've worked under all types of privacy agreements, contracts, and arrangements. Whether it be full NDAs, smaller agreements, or simple handshakes, rest assured that your projects, your footage, and your intellectual property is safe with us.

Who owns the footage you shoot?

At Stonehaven Studios, your privacy is our privacy.Your footage is your property. We store it and provide back-up services while we are fulfilling our services to you. Our standard agreement is that portions can be used by Stonehaven Studios for promotional purposes to showcase our hard work and success. That being said, we have experience working on many projects that remain private at the request of the content owner. It all depends on your project and your needs, and is handled at the contract stage.

Please direct all privacy concerns to: