Stonehaven Studios is located in Cleveland, Ohio. With over 14 years of experience in digital imaging and creative productions, we have the skills, the expertise, and the dedication to bring your projects to life.

We offer three specific types of services: Film Production, Cinematography, and Digital Imaging. Whether you need a Producer to bring your project to life, a Cinematographer to bring your vision to reality, or a Digital Imaging Technician to take the pain out of camera operation and data management, Stonehaven Studios has what you need.

Stonehaven Studios is owned and operated by Craig Knowles. With a Master’s Degree in Computer Science specializing in Computer Graphics, and a PMP Certification (Project Management Professional), Craig brings both technical acumen and the ability to manage and organized productions large and small.

Craig has worked with many companies large and small over the years, including Yahoo!, Bayer Pharmeceuticals, Case Western Reserve University, SpeechPathology.com, the ACLU of Ohio, and the Cleveland Clinic. For his Master’s thesis, his research resulted in an entirely new special effect, the Temporal Image Mosaic, and a short dramatic film showcasing the effect.


The name "Stonehaven Studios" comes all the way from Stonehaven, New Brunswick, Canada. As a young teenager, Craig made his first "film" -- on his father's VHS camera -- for a local farm owner. The farmer needed a video to showcase the farm to a potential buyer from Scandanavia.

The production was made in the basement of a friend's parents house, edited using two VHS players, contained an accompanying score and narration track, and was promptly sent off to Scandanavia. Although the farm never did sell, that basement in Stonehaven was the original "Stonehaven Studios" and Craig kept the name for all future productions.

"Craig has an eye for beauty. He was a pleasure to work on my music video."
"Craig's knowledge of the RED camera system was critical on set."